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Gyla Beth Seal and January Taylor announce the publication of Power Vector, their latest science fiction novel.

The book is the story of a scientist whose discovery of a way to turn gravity into energy is eagerly adopted by the power company that employs him. When the scientist discovers a possible hazard to his invention, he is forced to fight his employer in an attempt to stop the activation of his own own invention.

Seal and Taylor's Power Vector, published by Royal Fireworks Press, Unionville, NY, helps launch the publisher's new adult science fiction series of books from Silk Label. It is currently available through book stores by special order or directly from the publisher (see addresses below; ISBN 0-88092-441-1). You may also order through by clicking the logo above. Cover art for both books is by artist Ruth Thompson of Also, look for Seal and Taylor's third adult science fiction novel, Golden Gate Estates, coming soon.

Seal and Taylor's first novel, Works of Thy HandsWorks of Thy Hands, was a finalist for the 1997 Golden Duck Award for excellence in science fiction for young adults. This book is currently being used in some school districts as part of their gifted children's program.

Gyla Beth Seal, a former resident of Pacifica, California, presently resides in Folsom, California. She is a former federal employee, and currently works scoring school children's assessment tests for CTB McGraw Hill.

January Taylor, a former resident of Sacramento , California, now lives in Half Moon Bay, California. She owns and operates Wherry Academy,a private school for grades kindergarten through 12 in Redwood City, California.

Seal and Taylor have been writing together for several years. They have won prizes for their short stories and their poetry. The movie script based on Works of Thy Hands, was a third place winner at the California Writers Conference.
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