The Eden Project

A warrior support foundation

Who are we?

The Eden Project is made up of warriors and supporters dedicated to the healing process for those who have served our country.

Our Philosophy

The Eden Project is a warrior centric organization, fully immersed in each community that brings a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to caring for warriors and their families. We believe the foundation of wellbeing and path to healing starts in the home with a strong support system. Therefore, the primary emphasis and core focus is the family and support network for the warrior. We use a comprehensive individualized support plan specifically designed for each warrior and his or her support network. In addition we also focus on two other areas; world class medical care with a focus on TBI and PTSD, and professional career development training. Lastly, we offer a full range of training to prepare for an effective and efficient transition from a military career to a civilian one.

Core Focus

The process starts with a comprehensive confidential interview to ensure a holistic assessment. Following the assessment, group and individual counseling will be made available to ensure a strong and stable support system.